Seeking Postdoctoral Fellow

Our laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal excitability and Ca2+ signaling in mammalian brain neurons. Our approach to research is highly-integrative and multi-scale. The techniques we use to study molecules, cells, organs, and whole-animal physiology include proteomic, molecular and functional analyses of the molecular complexes underlying distinct Ca2+ signaling events and their downstream consequences at specific subcellular sites in neurons. This includes protein purification, mass spectrometry, immunolabeling including with novel antibodies developed in house, and super resolution, confocal, and total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, as well as electrophysiology, Ca2+ imaging including with novel reporters developed in house, and novel gene edited mouse models of human disease developed in house.

The Trimmer lab has an outstanding record training academic and industry scientists. A list of recent trainees and their current positions can be found here.

We pride ourselves for promoting a healthy work-life balance that is critical for creative scientific work. Davis is perfect for this, as it is a fun, family friendly city nestled near Sacramento, northern California wine country (Napa and Sonoma), San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe.

The Trimmer lab is in the Department of Physiology and Membrane Biology of UC Davis’ School of Medicine. UC Davis has outstanding core facilities and resources.

We are seeking creative, independent, and collaborative scientists. The applicant should possess a PhD, MD, or equivalent. Preferred qualifications include experience in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology and imaging especially of neurons.  Interested applicants should send an email with a curriculum vitae to James Trimmer at