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Question-driven research: ion channel signaling complexes

Deep Sequencing of Somatosensory Neurons Reveals Molecular Determinants of Intrinsic Physiological Properties.
Zheng, Y., Liu, P., Bai, L., Trimmer, J. S., Bean, B. P., and Ginty, D. D.
Neuron (in press).

Remodeling Neuronal ER-PM Junctions is a Conserved Nonconducting Function of Kv2 Plasma Membrane Ion Channels.
Kirmiz, M., Palacio, S., Thapa, P., King, A. N., Sack, J. T. and Trimmer, J. S.
Mol Biol Cell. (2018); 29(20):2410-2432. PMID: 30091655

Identification of VAPA and VAPB as Kv2 Channel-Interacting Proteins Defining Endoplasmic Reticulum-Plasma Membrane Junctions in Mammalian Brain Neurons.
Kirmiz, M., Vierra, N. C., Palacio, S., and Trimmer, J. S.
J Neurosci. (2018); 38(35):7562-7584. PMID: 30012696

Kv2 Channels Determine the Expression and Localization of the Associated AMIGO-1 Cell Adhesion Molecule in Adult Brain Neurons.
Bishop, H.I., Cobb, M. M., Kirmiz, M., Parajuli, L., Mandikian, D., Philp, A. M., Melnik, M., Kuja-Panula, J., Rauvala, H., Shigemoto, R., Murray, K. D., and Trimmer, J. S.
Front. Mol. Neurosci. (2018); 11:1. DOI: 10.3389/fnmol.2018.00001. PMID: 29403353. PMCID: PMC5780429.

Heterogeneity in Kv2 Channel Expression Shapes Action Potential Characteristics and Firing Patterns in CA1 Versus CA2 Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons.
Palacio, S., Chevaleyre, V., Brann, D. H., Murray, K. D., Piskorowski, R. A., and Trimmer, J. S.
eNeuro (2017) 4(4). pii: ENEURO.0267-17.2017. PMID: 28856240. PMCID: PMC5569380.

Cell Cycle-Dependent Changes in Localization and Phosphorylation of the Plasma Membrane Kv2.1 K+ Channel Impact Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Contact Sites in COS-1 Cells.
Cobb, M. M., Austin, D. C., Sack, J. T., and Trimmer, J. S.
J. Biol. Chem. (2015); 290:29189-29201. PMID: 26442584. PMCID: PMC4705925.

Distinct Cell- and Layer-Specific Expression Patterns and Independent Regulation of Kv2 Channel Subtypes in Cortical Pyramidal Neurons.
Bishop, H. I., Guan, D., Bocksteins, E., Parajuli, L., Murray, K. D., Cobb, M. M., Misonou, H., Zito, K., Foehring, R. C., and Trimmer, J. S.
J. Neurosci. (2015); 35:14922-14942. PMID: 26538660. PMCID: PMC4635138. Cover article.

A Novel Epileptic Encephalopathy Mutation in KCNB1 Disrupts Kv2.1 Ion Selectivity, Expression, and Localization.
Thiffault, I., Speca, D. J., Austin, D. C., Cobb, M. M., Eum, K. S., Safina, N. P., Grote, L., Farrow, E. G., Miller, N., Soden, S., Kingsmore, S. F., Trimmer, J. S., Saunders, C. J., and Sack J.T.
J. Gen. Physiol. (2015); 146: 399-410. PMID: 26503721. PMCID: PMC4621747.

Tool development: renewable affinity reagents

A Toolbox of IgG Subclass-Switched Recombinant Monoclonal Antibodies for Enhanced Multiplex Immunolabeling of Brain.
Andrews, N. P., Boeckman, J. X., Manning, C. F., Nguyen, J. T., Bechtold, H., Dumitras, C., Gong, B., Nguyen, K., van der List, D., Murray, K. D., Engebrecht, J. and Trimmer, J. S.
(2019); 8:e43322. PMID: 30667360.

Antibody Validation: A View from the Mountains. [Review]
Taussig, M. J., Fonseca, C., and Trimmer, J.S.
New Biotech. 
(2018); 45: 1-8. PMID: 30086383.

Developing High-Quality Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies for Neuroscience Research-Approaches, Perspectives and Opportunities. [Review]
Gong, B., Murray, K. D., and Trimmer, J.S.
New Biotech. (2016); 33: 551-564. PMID: 26644354. PMCID: PMC4884554.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Secondary Antibodies: Why Choosing The Right Secondary is of Primary Importance.
Manning, C. F., Bundros, A. M., and Trimmer, J.S.
PLoS ONE (2012); 7: e38313. PMID:22675541. PMCID:PMC3365890.

Searchable list of publications resulting from the use of monoclonal antibodies we developed that are available through the UC Davis/NIH NeuroMab Facility:

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Antibody validation: a view from the mountains

Abstract: Validation of antibodies and other protein binders is a subject of pressing concern for the research community and one which is uppermost in the minds of all who use antibodies as research and diagnostic reagents. Assessing an antibody’s fitness for purpose includes accurate ascertainment of its target specificity and suitability for the envisaged task. […]

Remodeling neuronal ER-PM junctions is a conserved nonconducting function of Kv2 plasma membrane ion channels

Abstract: The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and plasma membrane (PM) form junctions crucial to ion and lipid signaling and homeostasis. The Kv2.1 ion channel is localized at ER-PM junctions in brain neurons and is unique among PM proteins in its ability to remodel these specialized membrane contact sites. Here, we show that this function is conserved […]

Identification of VAPA and VAPB as Kv2 Channel-Interacting Proteins Defining Endoplasmic Reticulum-Plasma Membrane Junctions in Mammalian Brain Neurons

SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT Our study identified the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) proteins vesicle-associated membrane protein-associated proteins isoforms A and B (VAPA and VAPB) as proteins copurifying with the plasma membrane (PM) Kv2.1 ion channel. We found that expression of Kv2.1 recruits VAPs to ER-PM junctions, specialized membrane contact sites crucial to distinct aspects of cell function. We […]

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