Sequences of NeuroMabs now posted on NeuroMabSeq website

As part of a BRAIN Initiative project (NIH U24 NS109113) to enhance dissemination and utility of the Trimmer lab hybridoma collection including NeuroMabs,  we are applying high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies to determine the sequence of the immunoglobulin heavy and light chain variable domains from our collection of hybridoma cells that are the source of these mAbs.
These efforts will allow for permanent archiving of this valuable collection as DNA sequence. The availability of these sequences will also allow researchers to generate plasmids for expression of molecularly defined mAbs, leading to enhanced research transparency and reproducibility. This will also allow for engineering of these antibodies into alternate forms including single chain variable fragments or ScFvs.
The NeuroMabSeq website serves as the public DNA sequence repository for the sequences of these mAb heavy and light chain variable domains and serves as an open resource for enhancing dissemination of this valuable collection of validated mAbs.